When it comes to the special third team uniforms in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers are rated last in the league.

I know the Packer fans are going to get upset, but I didn't make the list. I'm just sharing it.

According to the sportster.com,

"The Green Bay Packers arguably have the best uniforms in the NFL, but their alternate uniforms are hands-down the worst in the league. Regardless if these are supposed to tribute a throwback uniform set, they’re that bad to witness in person and on television."

Even though I'm not a Green Bay fan, I can admit their regular uniform is iconic. These are just horrible.

Don't worry Packer faithful, the Chicago Bears aren't too far ahead of you. They are ranked just two spots above.

"Alternate jerseys are supposed to have a sense of excitement and some way shape or form, but these really don’t move most NFL fans alike, and certainly not Chicago’s fanbase either."

The Bears also have an iconic uniform that shouldn't be messed with.

To put it all in perspective, they rate the Jacksonville Jaguars with the top alternate uniform. I don't know how that can be because all of theirs are ugly.

I've never been a fan of the third set of uniforms. They usually are bad.

It's all about selling more merchandise and making money.


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