The fans of the Green Bay Packers secretly love the Chicago Bears.

I believe the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers rivalry is the greatest of all time in any sports. The Illinois and Wisconsin border is not nicknamed the "Cheddar Curtain" for nothing. There is no love lost between the teams or their fans.

The major problem with the conflict with these two football teams is that it is rarely balanced. One team usually has a big advantage over the other. For the past several years, the honor belongs to the Green Bay Packers. The Chicago Bears have not even been close.

In fact, I can not remember a time where I had the confidence that the Bears would beat the Packers in at least one of the games in a season. I would call it embarrassing for Chicago. The Bears brass including ownership tries to bring up the rivalry all the time.

Funny thing, I think it has gotten so lopsided that the Packers and their fans do not even care anymore. It is just another game and most likely an easy win on the schedule.

I would dare to say, that Green Bay's domination over Chicago has turned that hate into love. I know if the Packers were as bad as the Bears, I would love to them for their suckiness. Each move Chicago makes just adds another punchline to the joke of professional football in the Windy City.

So if you are a Green Bay Packers fan, please stand up and admit it. You love the Chicago Bears. They make you laugh. They give you confidence. They make you feel better about yourself and your team. It is like being in a positive relationship.

Do not take this personally Packer fans, the feeling is not mutual from the Bears fans. You have to understand. It has not been a good era for them. It is filled with disappointment, so it makes them bitter and angry.

Could you blame them? They can only hope that Aaron Rodger's retirement comes sooner than later.

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