Chicago, Rockford, Springfield, these places are famous cross the country. For  good and bad reasons.


But what about small town living in Illinois? Are you ready to settle down in a town where everyone knows our name, and what you did last night?

According to Only In Your State, here are The Top 10 Most Beautiful, Charming Small Towns in Illinois.

1. Galena

2. Mount Carroll

3. Fulton

4. Morris

5. Greenville

6. Nauvoo

7. Sycamore

8. Woodstock

9. Lebanon

10. Elsah


I've been to only half of the towns listen, had to Google Map where Elsah even was.

I love to get out and ride my bike as much as possible, so these places sound like great places to explore.

What about Orangeville, Lena, (great bowling alley), Pearl City, Durand, and Oneco (an unincorporated community in Stephenson County).

What is your favorite small town in Illinois?