Illinois will not allow any graduation ceremonies.

I understand why we need to shelter in place and social distance. I don't want anyone to get sick. The problem is there's no "end" date. No one knows when it will be safe to go back to normal again. It could be days, weeks, months, or even years. I enjoy home time but this is getting hard.

Everyone is missing out on many things. Personally, I miss my family and friends. I've had to cancel work events, concerts, pro sports games, a family vacation to celebrate my birthday, and more.

This one really hurts. Illinois has canceled all graduation ceremonies.

According to,

"Illinois’ State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Carmen Ayala announced Wednesday plans of any kind for end of the school year graduation ceremonies are prohibited."

My daughter is in the Class of 2020. It's been a difficult school year. You look forward to that senior year and instantly it's gone. Not the kind of memories you hope to make. Especially, after all of that hard work.

We were holding out hope for some kind of graduation. The best-case scenario, it would be postponed to later in the summer. Some schools were coming up with some creative ideas to still honor the students. Those have all been stopped.

I know it's a digital world, but the thought of a virtual ceremony is disappointing.

To the Class of 2020, my heart goes out to you and your families.

Video: Dr. Ehren Jarrett Superintendent of Rockford School District 205

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