Google maps "typically" is used to find an address or a specific location. Can't find that out of town movie theatre? Don't know exactly where your cousin's house is at? But what about using Google Maps to search for food, pizza specifically. GoogleBlog

People in Illinois love their pizza apparently, because they use Google Maps to search for two pizza places in the state, a lot. So I got thinking if these two Illinois pizza places are looking up on Google Maps instead of using the actually pizza place's web page, two things are happening here.

A. They are really hard to find

B. This most be damn good pizza

Neither location is difficult to find. The directions on Google Maps are pretty cut and dry and simple. So this must simply be damn good pizza.

The most searched pizza place on Google Maps in Illinois is called Quartino (there's also a location in Texas)

Quartino Ristorante & Wine Bar is a lively, authentic Italian neighborhood restaurant, pizzeria and wine bar. - Quartino 

The number 2 most searched pizza place in Illinois, on Google Maps...Bar Siena 

 The red mosaic tile pizza oven bearing the name “Bella,” was handmade and imported from Italy, and reaches temperatures of over 600 degrees. Bar Siena’s dining options are ideal for share-everything, try-everything guests looking for a remarkable experience. - Bar Siena


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