My heart is breaking for the families who's homes that have been destroyed yesterday due to the tornadoes.

As most of you know, I live a little while away from the Rockford area. After I went home for the evening, my Father-in-Law came over and we chatted on the patio for a while. The sky went dark, there was a bit of rain, yet nothing really out of the ordinary.

I was talking to my friend Michelle via text message and she was saying that she was stuck at the mall in the storm shelter for hours yet I wasn't sure of exactly what was happening.

Around 8:30 p.m. I turned on the television and every channel was covering the tornadoes that came through the Stateline Area. I was frantically texting, emailing and calling those here at the station and those who live in the surrounding area. Thankfully everyone responded that they were alright.

I've had family members lose their homes due to tornadoes. I have never felt that pain myself but it makes me completely emotional thinking about all they had to go through. I knew I couldn't sit idle and not try to help myself.

Graham Prentice, Think Stock

The Red Cross Rock River Chapter has been working tirelessly to get shelters, food and water for the victims of last nights events. I've started a GoFundMe Page to raise donations for those in need. Us here at The Eagle will be presenting the donations to The Red Cross Rock River Chapter.

Thank you in advance for your donations. Together we can rebuild.