Things are about to get even drinkier up north, yes drinkier.

According to WREX a bill has been introduced that would lower the Wisconsin drinking age to 19.

The former president of the Tavern League and two additional Republican lawmakers have proposed that the legal drinking age would go from 21 to 19. The proposed bill states:

"There are very few things that you cannot do, but drinking is one of them"

You can vote, join the military, buy tobacco, but not buy a sixer of Icehouse at your favorite Wisconsin liquor store. Shame.

The bill also states that lowering the Wisconsin drinking age to 19 would:

"Negate the need to spend countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars enforcing drinking laws, especially on college campuses"

Did you know how to drink maturely and responsibly at 19, if you drank then? I can honestly say I was a "tad" out of control and not ready to go out at that age. Maybe Wisconsin residents are.