Miller Lite will give you a free beer if you unfollow them on Social Media.

I think many of us can admit, we spend way too much time on Social Media, the internet, and our devices.

Now, Miller Lite is going to bribe us to do something else like hanging with our friends. They're offering a free beer to do it. I think it's worth a try.

According to,

"Miller Lite wants to offer a free beer to every person who unfollows them on social media. The new campaign is focused on bringing back what they call the original social media, "Miller Time".

Here's their explanation for this generous offer...

"We know that today's generation of new drinkers will spend more than five years of their lifetime on social media, and yet are only meeting up with their close friends less than a few times of a month," said Anup Shah, Vice President Miller Family of Brands. "We want to remind them that while social media is great, it's no replacement for hanging out in-person over a Miller Lite."

"When you unfollow Miller on Instagram or Facebook, you could receive a free Miller Lite. Just text UNFOLLOW to 49375 with a photo or screenshot." 

"Additionally, Miller Lite is going dark on all social media accounts, meaning they will take a break from posting on its Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels."

You know, the best kind of beer is a free one.

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