"You can't arrest me if I'm naked." - Julia E. Laack

Pretty sure this isn't a thing in Wisconsin, or anywhere else. This Wisconsin woman was on a mission, and it didn't go well. NBCNEWS

Julia E. Laack of Sheboygan, Wisconsin did a little shoplifting at a local store and made off with a lighter and some beef jerky.

The police followed her to her home and this is where the fun starts. The police came to the door and overheard her yelling at her kids, guess we have the right house! The yelling at the kids consisted of yelling at one of the boys that it was his fault, huh?

So police finally make it into the home of the screaming, beef jerky stealing woman and her three kids. The woman's reaction? stripping down to just her underwear, because...you can't arrest me if I'm naked. Those poor kids.

The struggle to arrest Juila starter. This encounter included one of the officers getting kicked where the dun doesn't shine, and the other one...Julia spit in his mouth. Classy.

All over stealing beef jerky and a lighter, do you think there was alcohol involved? But wait...or BUTT wait, there's more!

Once in the squad car, Julia pressed her bare butt against the window in the back of the squad car.

Down at the police station, they checked her blood alcohol level....she was at a preliminary blood-alcohol level of 0.112 percent, the legal blood-alcohol limit for driving is 0.08 percent.

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