I wonder what the green room spread is like backstage for a Wheel of Fortune taping? Some waters, maybe fresh fruit, possibly baked beans and eggs? Whatever this lady had, she let it rumble on the set.

Eldad Carin

Let's set the stinky stage, Pat and Vanna doing what they do and the contestants are ready to spin the wheel and win some cash. Seems pretty normal for an episode of Wheel of Fortune, but we forgot one thing that slipped out.


This video, which is called "Wheel of Farts," stars a woman that spins the wheel and loses control of a bodily function. Pat is a pro — an absolute pro. He doesn't miss a beat, makes a funny comment, and moves on to the next spin. I'm sure Pat has heard just about anything and everything. One night I was watching it and a woman described her children as "delicious." Seriously, who says that about their kids besides the witch lady from that fairytale.

So let's watch this together as Pat goes full on "I'm going to avoid the farting contestant" and strolls right past.


Well played Pat, well played. What would have made this extra great, would have been if Vanna would have reacted.

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