Temperatures will be mild and continue on a warming trend this weekend, but check this out!

Warmer temps can make for a fun weekend. Just having the sun shine can make a world of difference. But what if this weekend, we experience what happened in Spearfish, S.D.back in 1943? Check this out...

According to WEATHER there was a bizarre temp change back on January 22, 1943. 7:30 am the temperature was a freezing -4. Two minutes later, yes TWO MNIUTES LATER...it was 45 degrees. That makes it a 49 degree chance in 120 seconds. Oh and that's not all folks, there's more! The temp reached a peak of 54. Comfortable and pretty awesome if you ask me. The next half hour, the unthinkable happened again. -4 returned! What is the world!!

The National Weather Service issued this statement about the strange weather changes:

"The wild temperature fluctuations were likely due to cold air and warm air sloshing back and forth along the plains at the base of the Black Hills. A similar effect would be to pour warm water into a shallow bowl of cold water. The water would slosh back and forth a few times before settling down. This is likely what happened with the warm and cold air along the Black Hills."


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