Freeport High School Alumni Brady Cummins is featured in a new documentary.

Photo - Brady Cummins
Photo - Brady Cummins

I can sit and watch a documentary on just about anything. From studio musicians, to conspiracy theories and farming. Give me a couch, a cold drink and a documentary and I am set.

So when I come across a show on The Smithsonian Channel about the Harrier Fighter Jet, I am already setting the DVR. The Harrier is the worlds most famous vertical take off and landing fighter jet. This doc airs tonight on Smithsonian Channel at 8pm "Air Warriors: Harrier".

It turns out the Marine featured in this show is Freeport High School Alumni Brady Cummins. Brady's father made me sweat, bleed, get in shape and grow up. (my high school football coach)

When it comes to flying this very unique fight jet, Brady was quoted as saying:

"On my first flight, my instructor told me it was going to be like riding a dragon".


Here is a clip of tonight's Smithsonian Channel program "Air Warriors: Harrier", featuring Brady Cummins of Freeport.





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