Pretzel City USA has named a new head football coach, Anthony Dedmond.

Photo - WTVO
Photo - WTVO

Let's just start here, it's about damn time.

Freeport High School Football has been coasting on fumes for years. Conference championships, undefeated seasons, and student-athletes that are excited about the program they play for have been missing for a long time.

Anthony Dedmond (or A.D.) has been named the new Freeport Pretzel Head Football Coach. Coach Demond is a Freeport guy that has always given it all to the community and the school that he loves.

Coach Dedmond has the respect of the athletes at Freeport High School. The connection through years with the wrestling and football programs has allowed Coach Dedmond to build relationships with the kids.

Good luck A.D., the community, the student-athletes, and your former classmates are all behind you.

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