Michael Jordan was once asked about his keeping quiet on political matters, his quote was pure genius....

"Republicans buy sneakers, too." - Michael Jordan

If you are in the public eye, the owner of a major corporation or even a  small town ice cream shop....Keeping your personal opinions to yourself, especially when it could divide or upset your dedicated customers, is the RIGHT THING to do. Posting a sign on your front door that could upset paying customers, is just stupid.

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Like a lot of local businesses, finding employees at Union Dairy in Freeport, in the summer of 2021 is hard. For whatever reason, people are not willing to work. The reason, the specific reason why people would rather not work right now, is purely speculation. The management at Union Dairy decided to post an "opinion" on their window and the city of Freeport isn't happy.

The sign posted on the Union Dairy window, reads:

"Sadly due to Government Handouts no one wants to work anymore."

A simple, "hey we are currently short staffed," "know anyone that wants a job," "we need employees, apply within..." Something without personal opinion would work just fine. I grew up in Freeport, and my god, talk about an opinionated and passionate town...that's Freeport. Now that you've pissed off a section of town that won't buy your product anymore, now what.

According to WREX the sign has been removed.

I expect more from a landmark, iconic local business. The Union Dairy is a part of my childhood...Whomever is running it now apparently doesn't put thought into all decisions made.

Yes of course this is "my" opinion, but apparently a LOT of people in Freeport agree.



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