Donating blood has its perks this summer!


Donating blood is pretty easy to do, along with being very selfless. It takes about an hour and you could save up to 3 people's lives with your donation.

Now until August 28th, anyone who donates blood at the Rock River Valley Blood Center on Mondays will receive a coupon for a free slushie. The coupon will be good for one slushie at a local participating McDonald's.

The spokesperson for the RRVBC Jennifer Bowman told WIFR:

We are so excited to continue our partnership with the locally owned and operated McDonald’s. Mondays are a challenge no matter the time of year, but they are especially challenging during the summer months while people take extended weekends and vacations. This is a nice way for us to remind the community about the importance of a stable and adequate blood supply,”

Not only will get the hook up on cookies after you donate but now just in time for summer, free slushies!

If you would like more information or schedule your donation, call 877-RRVBC-99 or click here.



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