Amazon bought an old amusement park location in Illinois for $50 million.

I've always enjoyed going to amusement parks, especially when I was a kid. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and there use to be a lot of smaller ones. Places like Kiddie Kingdom, Kiddie Land, and Santa's Village. Old Chicago was a unique one because it was indoors. The rides were located in the center of the building. Around it was a mall with all kinds of cool specialty shops. Unfortunately, it went out of business.

Now, that former indoor entertainment center is in the news thanks to Amazon.

According to

"Amazon has spent more than $50 million for the former site of Old Chicago in Bolingbrook, the Chicago Tribune reports. The site likely will become the latest Amazon distribution center throughout the Chicago area."

The site was hole to Old Chicago from 1975 until it was shuttered in 1980.



Amazon is taking over the world.

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