The "Nintendo Switch" is the latest gaming system that has gamers freaking out.

Nintendo Switch Preview Event
Getty Images - Neilson Barnard

Hitting stores in March, the Nintendo Switch offers you a Home Gaming System that allows you to play whenever, and whatever you want.

Of course with a new gaming unit, comes a bunch of new games. Video games have come so far. The graphics, the game play, they are so intense.

This got me thinking about video games over the years and if any of them have a Rockford vibe? Are there video games that make you think of Rockford? Are there video games that make you think of Rockford?

  • Frogger (Atari 2600) - Have you ever tried crossing East State Street on foot?
  • Bassmasters 2000 (N64) - This has Rock River written all over it.
  • Until Dawn (PS4) - Five friends, trying to survive until the next day. With every direction you turn the story changes.
  • Super Mario Bros (NES) - Call your brother, to help go rescue your girlfriend that is being help captive by the big bouncer.
  • Road Rash 2 (Sega Genesis) - Summer time on Alpine, the bikes are out and the show offs are in full force. If you're lucky, you'll be mentioned on Rockford Scanner.



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