Rockford's Superman getting lots of internet love on Facebook after his story was posted on Upworthy.

Screenshot from Saturday 01-06-18
Screenshot from Saturday 01-06-18

On a Facebook page known for sharing positive stories, Rockford was given some national attention last Friday. On January 5th Upworthy shared one of Our City, Our Story's videos where they highlight a local man who's doing his part to spread smiles around town. Rockford Superman rides around town in a Superman shirt and full length cape. I've yet to see him riding around town, but I hope I will get the chance this spring when it's once again motorcycle season.

As I sit here and type this story up the video has been viewed 336,000 times and the story on Upworthy has been shared 743 times. I'm sure those numbers will continue to grow too. Because if you look in the screenshot above that I grabbed a day after this was posted, the numbers keep going up.

Congrats to everyone at Our City, Our Story, I hope this gives you the much need recognition you deserve! The work you've done on showcasing the positives of our city is amazing!!

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