Things in Chicago usually cost more, but the price of this Uber ride seems outrageous.

When you're going out for a night of fun, Uber is a really good way to go. You don't have to worry about having a designated driver, avoid crazy cab drivers, and no fighting your way onto public transportation.

Plus, it's fast and easy. All you have to do is download the free App. Enter your ride request. In a few short minutes, you get picked up for your next destination.

The rates are usually reasonable. Especially, if you get out of dealing with Chicago traffic and parking.

A recent customer's Uber journey cost wasn't what she was expecting.

According to,

"One Chicago Uber customer says she had no idea she’d be charged $925, nearly eight times the standard rate, for her lengthy trip."

During busy times in some areas, Uber will add a surge rate.

"While it was a long ride that journey would’ve normally cost just $117 without surge prices."

That seems like a huge markup. Even for Chicago surge rates. I could have a fun night on the town with that kind of money.

"Uber refunded her for the charges."

If you use Uber for rides, here's what they suggest doing so you're not put it that same situation.

"The company encourages riders to input all desired stops into the app upfront to receive a correct fare estimate.”

That sounds like a great idea. That way you aren't using your mortgage money to cover an Uber expense. That could ruin a great night out.

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