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With the passing of the legendary Eddie Van Halen on Tuesday, let's flashback to August 3rd 1982 when the Mighty VH rocked Rockford! I'm sure a bunch of you went to one of these, if not all of these shows. "Diver Down" was just released in April on 1982 and just a few months later then were in town.

Van Halen played Rockford three times:

  • 08/03/82
  • 07/01/84
  • 04/24/86

Let's take a look at the August 3rd 1982 show, this set list is freakin' awesome and the tour name..."Hide Your Sheep." From SetlistFM here was the set list for Van Halen's first trip to Rockford:


Romeo Delight


Drum Solo

The Full Bug

Runnin' With the Devil

Jamie's Cryin'

Little Guitars

Where Have All the Good Times Gone

Bass Solo

Hang 'Em High



Everybody Wants Some!!

Dance the Night Away

Somebody Get Me a Doctor

(With "I'm So Glad")

Ice Cream Man

(John Brim cover)


Oh, Pretty Woman

Guitar Solo


Bottoms Up!

Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love

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