We just had the lady that put her kid on her lap to steer, now comes ANOTHER "Mom of the Year" candidate...


This Wisconsin mom was too drunk to drive the truck home, SO she turned it all over to a 9-year-old. Gas, brake, steering, checking her mirrors...it's all you kid.

"She was seated in the driver's seat with the two adults seated to her right in the middle passenger seat position, and an 11-month-old child behind them in the back of the truck," - Captain Steve Smith/Polk Co. Sheriff's Office

So mom AND dad let this happen, with an 11-month-old ALSO in the truck. Dear god, people...where do you come from?!?

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The truck was spotted swerving down the road and the cops were called. Eventually officers found the truck at a public boat launch...the truck was still in drive and slowly rolling...towards the freakin' river!

Beer, blue sky

Officers were able to jump into the truck before it rolled completely into the river....whew.

Mom and dad went to jail, and the kids went to the hospital to get checked out. So when the cops interviewed the mom about why in the hell she would let her 9-year-old drive, this is what she said...

"I was letting her practice her driving." - Drunk Wisconsin Mom

Where do these people come from, seriously? First a mom that let's the kid steer...now a mom and dad that let's a 9-year-old drive the family home!?!

Glass of beer

There's a warm seat ready in hell for these "parents" I use that term loosely.

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