A Wisconsin man crashed his motorcycle and when cops arrived, he was amazed that the motorcycle was there on the side of the road...He told cops it just "magically appeared." CBS58

Vintage motorcycle front view

So there's a bike crash, dude is standing there as the cops show up...When he was questioned about the crash and failed his sobriety test, THEN something magical happened....but first his one of his buddies stopped by the crash scene to see if he was ok. That wasn't a great idea, because THAT man got a DUI. Oops.

motorcycle run
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OK, a second friend stopped by, this guy not drunk...but was a key to this investigation. Remember how the dude that crashed, didn't know how his motorcycle got there? It magically appeared? Well when the second friend showed up, the guy reached in his pocket to give the second friend the BIKE KEYS. So even though the bike "magically appeared" the keys were still in his pocket!

This "Smooth Operator," pulled the keys out and gave them to his buddy...in front of the cops. Not too smart...Maybe you had the cop with your "magically appearing" bike, but this ruined it, dude.

So the bike appeared by way of magic, he gets a DUI, a person that stopped by got a DUI, and another friend stopping by was given the keys to the magic bike. Does that all make sense? Good times.


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