An Illinois student's pothead family was uncovered by a drug-sniffing dog.

High schools have been bringing in drug-sniffing dogs for years. I remember when they came to my school and busted people.

It was pretty cut and dry. If the K-9 smelled marijuana at your locker, you were in trouble.

Nowadays, things are a little bit different. In many places, some forms of weed are legal such as medical.

This could cause issues with the police canines.

There was an issue at a Peoria, Illinois school.

According to,

"A police dog indicated drugs at a schoolgirl’s locker, but it turned out to be a contact hit."

The girl's family smokes pot in their house and car. Her clothes pick up the scent.

When the officers were doing locker searches, the dog uncovered her ganja smelling coat and alerted his partner.

No, drugs were found. After questioning the suspect, they discovered her family smoked marijuana. It is unknown if it was for medical purposes or illegal use.

Either way, I would guess it was an embarrassing situation for that poor student to be in.


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