How can such an evil, disgusting location look so damn peaceful? If you didn't know, you would look at these drone photos of a large farm house in Southern Illinois and think, wow what a beautiful place. But when you learn the origin of this location, it will change your thoughts instantly.


Located in Southern Illinois, the "Crenshaw House" is filled with evil, and an insanely disturbing history.  Built in 1839, the farm house was home to slaves and has become a tourist attraction over the years. Historians have tried to preserve this haunted location for years.

Crenshaw as the story goes was one on the wealthiest men in Illinois and owned over 700 slaves. The slaves had terrible living conditions and stayed to small, cramped quarters. The reports of Crenshaw House started as early as the 1850's. Tourists of this location have reported singing and footsteps and voices.


On first look of this video, you think wow, this old farm house is so nice. Look at all the farmland and the beauty of nature. But then when you realize the pure evil and the inhuman way people were treated and "kept" it truly makes you sick to your stomach.


On the outside you may be fooled by the giant smile and the welcoming exterior...but once you get to know the reality of what lurks inside, you know that this is disgusting and holds no value or morality. Wow, it's like I'm describing someone I weird!?!


Check out this video of the "Crenshaw House" and ley me know what you think.

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