This light snow fall we are experiencing, is way worse to drive in than the heavy stuff! WEATHER

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As we get to work and home with a "dusting" of the white stuff on the streets, this is a time when we begin to see drivers make crucial errors. Following a car as you normally would, stopping at a stop sign the same way as you usually would...These things will not work with the snow like this.

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Minor winter events are more deadly (on Midwestern roads, at least) than notable winter storms due to heavier traffic on roads and possibly more dangerous road and visibility conditions than perceived by drivers. - Walker Ashley, associate professor of meteorology at Northern Illinois University

It's interesting that what we "think" is what causes the accidents. Retraining our brains on how to make it from point A to point B.


"People's brains need to adapt each year to winter driving, very often, the world changes faster than the brain learns, creating a learning lag. Drivers’ brains just haven’t had time to fully process the reality of what their eyes are telling them." - Wisconsin-Whitewater professor of psychology David Havas

Check out the graph and the stats from this @NWSMilwaukee Twitter post, that spells out the danger of the roads with light snow.

Let's be safe out there, Rockford.

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