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I know that this year has been tough for all of us, we have adapted to a lot of changes. What you think is normal, isn't. How you used to do simple tasks, that's different. Places you would frequent, not happening. The way today's youth is taught to park a car, apparently that has changed too.

Take a look at this photo and tell me the first thing you think of. Maybe the instructor drank too much coffee and has to make a seriously fast pit stop. Perhaps the student driving simply tried their best and failed. Maybe Drive Right has this new 2020 parking thing, where you park exactly in the middle of the yellow line? If that's the case, this kid nailed it.

I've heard of kids going too fast, hugging the curb, even hitting a stop sign while doing the drivers education thing. This truly is a new one for me. Also, do drivers ed teachers let you stop at Casey's for a slice of breakfast pizza these days? If so, I think I would excuse this park job.

I'm sure there's a reasonable excuse for this. Those masks can cause issues with glasses fogging up and they mess with your breathing at times.  Also those are some pretty great donuts at Casey's after all, and they go quickly.

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