Looking to go for a romantic downtown stroll on Valentine's Day? Head north to Beloit.

best bars for singles on valentine's day
Dmitriy Shironosov, ThinkStock

According to Main Street downtown Beloit, Wisconsin is one of the most romantic "main streets" in America.

A small town with urban flair. - Downtown Beloit Association

That is a pretty good description of downtown Beloit. I live a few short miles away from downtown Beloit and it quite a fun, and lively place. During the spring and summer months I love riding my bike up there for the farmers market or to just do some record shopping.

But of you are looking for romance, here are a few suggestions when heading to downtown Beloit:

  • Bushel & Pecks for Breakfast
  • WM Day Spa to unwind and relax
  • Ironworks Hotel for a very different industrial yet relaxed look
  • Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint for a late romantic dinner

Like I said I bike up there a lot, the biking and walking paths along the river are pretty amazing, and the downtown streets are brick. Want romantic, there you go.






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