What are you afraid of these days? High gas prices, a lack of baby formula, a zombie apocalypse? I know right, those damn zombies are coming...Yikes. SG


Justin Deemie of Peoria was fearing that a zombie apocalypse, so he took several "substances" and went nuts. Oh where to start...You know this is good, because Justin got locked up on $500,000 bond. Nice work!


O.K. fearing that Peoria, IL was about to be overrun by zombies...Justin stole a car, and crashed it into an airport terminal. He really need to leave Peoria, bad. After crashing into the terminal he found the closest airplane and boarded it. Ready to get out of Illinois. Here's the kicker, the airplane was empty...no pilot, no people, no nothing. Apparently no airport security either, how in the hell did he get onto the plane??

Zombie woman looking at camera with creepy eyes
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After sitting on the plane for a while, he realized that the plane was going nowhere and ha got off. The next move was his last. Using a BRICK he busted into a Peoria County Sheriff’s Office squad car that was parked nearby, where he planned on stealing the squad and driving to Florida. Because there is nothing weird, no zombies no nothing is Florida.
The whole steal the cop car thing didn't work....so Justin took off running. While on foot, the cops caught Justin where he told law enforcement his awesome plan to escape the zombies. They were after him, and he just needed to get away!


The highly intoxicated Justin was arrested, and like I said was being held on $500,000 bond

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