And this is why dogs are man's best friend.

YouTuber Michael Impelluso has trained his dog to fetch him a beer from the fridge. Forget about bringing in the newspaper, catching a Frisbee or tracking down the scent of fugitives -- this is absolutely the coolest thing a pooch can do and while it's an awesome trick for football watching, we can't help but think it will come in handy if you're hiding out in your room when your mother-in-law comes over and you just don't have the energy to pretend you're happy to see her.

Now that the dog can bring his owner beer, it's time to up the ante. Can he order a pizza on the phone? Can he lift us up off the floor after we pass out from vomiting in the toilet? Can he call in sick to the boss for us when we're hung over? No? Well, get crackin' because owners everywhere would love that the way dogs love peeing on fire hydrants.

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