Motley Crue did a show in 1997 at the Metrocentre in Rockford.

I've been to many concerts in Rockford. Especially at the Metrocentre, now the BMO Harris Bank Center.

One of the rowdiest shows I've ever been to in town had to be Motley Crue in 1997.

The band was very volatile at that time. They were on tour for the Generation Swine album.

Vince Neil had rejoined the band, but the guys weren't getting along.

They were getting in trouble at several of the shows. They were bringing fans on stage and nearly causing riots.

In Rockford, Cheap Trick was the opener, which was really cool.

Unlike most shows, in between bands they didn't turn on the house lights. Inside the arena was dark. They showed disturbing videos on a couple of huge screens, while they blasted industrial music.

It really had the crowd fired up.

They invited fans to join them on stage that became a total free for all.

On that tour, Tommy Lee had his "Tommy Cam." He would get out from behind the drumkit and start filming the crowd. They would show it on the stage screens. He would encourage ladies to "Show Their Stuff." At one point, he decided to join in too. He shared "Little Tommy" with the audience.

The next day there was total outrage. It was announced that Motley Crue was banned from playing Rockford ever again. For the record, they came back in 2006 and 2009 to play shows at the Metrocentre.

If you went to that show, here's a little flashback. In case you missed, don't worry. Here's a video of that whole show. I hope you enjoy the look back.

Video: Motley Crue in Rockford 1997

Here is what they played that night according to,

  • Find Myself
  • Girls, Girls, Girls
  • Wild Side
  • Shout at the Devil
  • Looks That Kill
  • Don't Go Away Mad
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Glitter
  • Drum Solo
  • Live Wire
  • Too Fast For Love
  • Bass Solo
  • Afraid
  • Flush
  • Primal Scream
  • Same Ol' Situation
  • Generation Swine
  • Brandon
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Helter Skelter
  • Kickstart My Heart


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