Do you know how easy flying out of Rockford Airport is to do?

Taking A Family Summer Vacation

When I was a child, every summer my dad took our family on a summer vacation. I decided that I enjoyed that tradition so much that I continued it with my own family.

For the past few years, we have been on quite a roll and have been able to take some fun excursions. All of them started with flying out of Rockford.

Discovering The Rockford Airport

I think the very first time I actually found out about the airport in Rockford was at a wedding reception held in the old banquet facility.  After that, I flew out on the "puddle jumper a couple of times.

Chicago Rockford International Airport

It Is So Easy To Fly Out Of Rockford

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, so we always used O'Hare and Midway Airports. That was always a pain and it is even worse nowadays. It really takes the fun out of traveling.

For the past few years, we have actually picked on vacation destinations by where we could fly out of Rockford.

In fact, we just got back from our latest adventure and I still can not believe how great our experience was once again.

Here Are Some Great Reasons To Use The Airport In Rockford

  • Parking: There is plenty of spaces within walking distance to the terminal and you are not paying outrageous rates.
  • Affordable: You can find some cheap rates so you can take the whole family somewhere special.
  • Short Lines: Your flight is basically the only one going out at that time, so there are no long lines. You do not have to arrive hours before take-off. Check-in is usually a few minutes.
  • Security: Going through TSA is a breeze. I usually walk right up without waiting hours in line.

My Favorite Part Of Flying Out Of Rockford

After walking off the airplane, I am on my couch relaxing within a half-hour. You are not going to get that perk at any other airport unless you build your own in the backyard.

For more info, HERE.

Next time you plan on traveling, I recommend checking out the Chicago Rockford International Airport.

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