Another Monday at the radio ranch and the crazy has begun.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

Last weekend it was a Bigfoot video and a NASA conspiracy that was sent to me. This note that was dropped off today that was even better.

We get a lot of, "hey what was that one song", or "what album did this song come from". Which is totally understandable, this is radio. But when the question is confusing, and comes with a drawing, I had to share.

I was informed by Double T that this drawing showed up while I was at lunch and this gentleman really wants to know what this album is. There is random writing at the top, the name and phone number has been removed to protect the intoxicated, but here is the big question is for you. What album is this.

Look at the picture, share and discuss with friends. If seriously you have an idea what this album might be let us know.

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