This could change the way you park downtown forever.

It's not a surprise to anyone who has visited the downtown Rockford area, parking is terrible.

Sure, there are These 5 Best Go-To Public Parking Lots Downtownbut what happens if they are no where near your destination?

I'm too pregnant to be walking around for blocks. You should see me try to walk to the bathroom at night when I'm half asleep! Alright, a bit too much information.

But in downtown Rockford, there are parking zones. Yes, you may have seen signs designating the parking zones, but do you know about the 'parking rule.'

It's quite confusing at least to me. Here is what I gathered about the rules according to an article on WTVO:

  • You can park in a two hour zone for two hours with no problem.
  • You can not park in a parking zone more than once for a certain length of time.

So, if I'm understanding this properly, you can park in say Zone X for two hours, leave... but if you come back later that night, you can't park in Zone X for two hours again?


Am I the only one completely confused? I'm so confused. Especially because there aren't signs displaying this rule. If there aren't signs, how are we supposed to know? Magical unicorns? Or are we supposed to wait to get ticketed?

Seems as if this confusing rule has been brought to the attention of The Codes and Regulations Committee. If it passes at full council, parking zones will be suspended for one year.

To learn more about this parking mess, visit WTVO here.