UPDATE: We did it.

Are you on Twitter? If you're not, you should be. It's probably my favorite social media network. It's entertaining, informative, interactive and pretty darn hilarious; and I'm not even referring to my own tweets.

Whose tweets you really need to follow is the Dixon Police Department. We've shared some of their most humorous encounters, funniest photos and heartfelt advice for parents on air and on our website.

With that said, my recent interaction with the department couldn't go unnoticed. It started with this tweet.

I had to see this, so I asked for proof.

Then they hit me with this....

Are you seeing this? If the we can help the Dixon Police Department get 6,000 followers on Twitter, they'll release footage of one of their officers running like Mr. Larson from Happy Gilmore. Watch for the giant man in the orange t-shirt.

Well, what do you say? Can you help these guys get 6,000 followers? Not to sound selfish, but I really want to see the photographic evidence of this police officer running like a giant goon...who really is all of us when we're running when you think about it.

Bonus Video

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