I think this might beat my tire flying off my car in the middle of a snowstorm while traveling along Route 2 in Byron. A Dixon man shared a much more bizarre story involving "the kind of van that a mom would use to take her kids to soccer practice" and a door you would find inside a home.

Joseph Sheridan was headed home from on Saturday afternoon when he approached a grey van on Route 2.

There was this grey van in front of me. The type that looked like the kind of van that a mom would use to take her kids to soccer practice with. It had a bright orange belt and a white door on top of it that they presumably bought from someone else.

Joseph Sheridan (Facebook)

So he's behind this slow-moving minivan that is carrying a door on top and attempts to safely pass the vehicle. While passing this van Josh saw the belt securing the door come loose. This is obviously a moment of concern.

I see the van's belt go loose, and I hear a loud THUNK on the top of my car. I immediately hit the brakes to stop my car, and hit the horn because I know I was hit by something from theirs.

Dixon Man Asks if Anyone Knows Whose House Door Landed On His Car

Josh was not hurt over it but he was "extremely rattled over it" and rightfully so, the door landed on his car directly above his head. I'd freak too. The story continues after some witnesses pull over and check on Josh. Here's where things get weird

I thought that it'd be a good time to talk to the people who caused the dent. But when I looked at where they had stopped, they were already gone. They didn't think to offer their insurance, they didn't even come over to see what happened, they just up and left.

Never ever leave the scene of an accident.

Now, Josh is left wondering who the heck the door belongs to. He's hoping somebody might know who was moving a door this past weekend.

So I'm asking anyone who is willing to, does anyone have any information on a grey minivan that was heading down Route 2 from Sterling to Dixon on Saturday, April 18th at or around 3:50 PM, possibly after getting this door in some transaction or moving around? If you do, I want to politely ask you to please step forward to the Dixon Police or give them information that could help.

Here's Josh's full post with much greater detail.

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