After being pulled over for a traffic violation, this fella from Dixon, IL took off and hit speeds of 100mph! MyStateline 

The Ogle County Sheriff’s Department had a man take off from them and completely lose control! Cody Lorenzen was supposed to stop and pull over for officers, but decided to play Dukes of Hazard and try to take off and lose them. Well he lost them and then lost "it" as in lost control.


In his grey Mazda, Cody took off trying to lose the cops and hit speeds of 100mph. Finally when Cody got to the intersection of Lowden and Naylor Roads in Lee County, he crashed and crashed bad.

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Cody had enough strength to exit the vehicle and attempt to physically run away. He didn't get too far, officers were able to follow and eventually get him. After the cops finally had him in custody, they took him to KSB Hospital where he was treated for serious injuries.

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While at the KSB Hospital, Cody Lorenzen was released on bond and assigned a court date...Hey, why you lay's your court date, genius.


So what were the charges against Mr. Lorenzen you ask, it's a pretty nice list:

Equipment violation

Speeding over 35mph (slightly)

Reckless driving

Operating an uninsured vehicle

Driving on a suspended license.

The last two would explain the Bo Duke escape plan that failed.

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