It's amazing what people will share on the internet and this post is disturbing.

If you spend anytime on the internet, there are plenty of examples of what not to do. Especially, when in comes to posting.

People tend to share too much on social media. Things you shouldn't tell other people, let alone thousands of people you don't know on the internet.

Here's a perfect example of a disturbing post from Rockford Craigslist under the category Missed Connections.

Brandon/Brendan I met you two months ago at Disrict! We need to talk! - w4m hide this posting

Hey, we hooked up at your place, can't remember your place or that we exchanged phone numbers. I think I got pregnant from you. I am planning on dealing with it, but I just wanted to inform you since the place say I should. So if anyone knows him, he should know. I'm from Oregon, IL.

Even thought this probably isn't the best way to handle this situation, hopefully it helps her solve her problem.


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