Sure Christmas was Monday, but that's not stopping the Discovery Center from kicking off a holiday celebration of their own.

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Holiday Hoopla has kicked off now till December 30th at the Discovery Center. Before the New Year and your kids return to school, have them get some hands on learning at the Discovery Center. The museum has turned into post-holiday headquarters for math and science learning with a festive twist.

Your kids are sure to stay in the holiday spirit well into the New Year with this exhibit. Holiday Hoopla will give kids the opportunity to build with more Legos then they'll know what to do with. They can also play with Play-Doh that smells like gingerbread, make stained glass out of crayons, and string pasta into beautifully colored necklaces and bracelets.

The price for Holiday Hoopla is included with admission to the Discovery Center museum.

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