It's not every day an attraction in your town is ranked one of the BEST in America!

Forbes Magazine and National Geographic have released the TOP Children's Museums you must visit in America and guess what?  Rockford made the list!  Super cool, right?!

I remember going on so many field trips to this museum in Elementary school every year and the Gift Shop was my favorite area.  Even though I never had money to buy anything, it was sooo fun to look at all the science-related games, kits, and books for sale.  Do you know which museum I'm talking about?


We're ideally located for a full day or two of education, adventure and family fun! Discovery Center is one of the top family attractions in Northern Illinois.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

The Discovery Center is a major attraction in Rockford for not only kids, but families from all over the Stateline.  They have over 300 hands-on exhibits inside the museum families will love!  You can spend an entire day exploring, creating, and enjoying all the interactive fun, too.

One of their upcoming events is happening July 1st! 'Kaboom' is taking place this Friday in front of the Discovery Center to celebrate Independence Day. They'll have educational explosions parents and kids will love.

A favorite interactive activity to see at the museum is the outdoor Discovery park!  Look how big the playground is!

This is actually the FIRST community-built outdoor science park in the nation.  You can dig for dinosaur bones, explore caves, and even check out an 8-foot water wheel where you can have water races with friends.

Another popular pitstop is the Body Bubble station.  Everybody has had to take part in this at some point in their life.  You literally stand in place and a bubble ring forms around your body!

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At this station, you can learn how to make bubbles, swirl them in the air, bounce bubbles off other bubbles, and distort them in different shapes and sizes.

To top it off, your kiddos can experience 'work life' in the heart of The Discovery Center.  They can explore careers that they only dream of doing when they're older.

One of them being a firefighter station!  They can dress up, use a fire truck hose, and put out a 'play' fire as if they're really saving lives.  How fun!

If you're interested in visiting one of the top Children's Museums in America, it's definitely not too far from home!  Spend a day, or two, adventuring around The Discovery Center learning new things you never knew were possible! They're located at  711 N Main St in Rockford.

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