A neighborhood in Rockford is disrupted by ding dong ditch.

I will admit as a teenager, my friends and I would get a little mischievous when we got bored. Enough time has passed so I can't get in trouble for it anymore.

One thing we used to do was play ding dong ditch. That's when you go up to someone's house, ring their doorbell, and take off. The ideal time to do it is at night because it freaks people. Besides scaring someone, it's pretty harmless.

That stunt became obsolete because of security cameras. Especially, the doorbell ones. They are so reasonable to purchase and easy to install a lot more people have them now. If someone tries it, you immediately have a picture or video of the suspect. Then you post it on social media. There's a good chance to figure out who they are. That trick isn't worth getting busted for.

Over the weekend, my wife and I were watching a movie. Out of nowhere, our doorbell rings several times and someone bangs on our door like they're trying to bust in. It took us by surprise and scared the heck out of us. I looked out the window and no one was there.

I told my wife, I suspected that someone just played ding dong ditch on us. She thought I was crazy. But was I?

There's a great app I suggest downloading for your phone. It's called Nextdoor. Check it out, HERE. Basically, it's a website for your neighborhood. It's a great resource for information. If there's any crime or safety issues, people post about it. Along with many other things.

In the morning, I went to the Nextdoor app, and guess what, we weren't the only house it happened to. In fact, many had the same problem. Apparently, kids are getting bored. They've got a lot of guts to try it with all the cameras around.

I didn't get upset, because I used to do the same thing. Did you ever play ding dong ditch? Have you had it played on you recently?

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