Mark Rober has been making heads turn since he started his Facebook page devoted to his over the top, wacky inventions. Yesterday, he shared an invention that probably stemmed from the severe boredom that comes with being quarantined. He was getting tired of squirrels getting into his bird feeder and eating all of the bird food, so he decided he was going to make it a challenge for them.

Mark built an 8 piece American Ninja Warrior type course for the squirrels to get across, and when they did, they'd receive a large dump of walnuts from a modified bird feeder.

He explains the 8 pieces, which vary from a ladder mounted only at 1 point on each side so it spins when weight is on it, to a stuffed "Homewrecker" squirrel in a bikini that's next to a trap door.

Mark explains that after a month or so of experimenting, the invention was ready to go. He already had names for every squirrel in his backyard, and all of them were very interested in the course.

A former NASA and Apple engineer, he tends to dream up and create some amazing things.

Mark explains he's known for going over the top, and shows a clip of another video where he made a rocket propelled golf club.

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