A Brodhead Wisconsin high school took things a little too far to prove a point.


car crash accident on street, damaged automobiles after collision in city

According to the Washington Post, the school told the student body that four of their classmates were killed as the result of texting while driving and being hit by a drunk driver, but it wasn't true.

The four students that "participated" in this drill were told by the school to not answer their cell phones to keep the story going.

A video was played in each classroom letting the student body know there was an accident, and their fellow students were killed. Only to be told ten minutes later it was "a drill" and everyone was o.k.

The Brodhead School District Superintendent Leonard Lueck said this was done to:

bring awareness to teen driving safety

But it did so much more to the school and community. Can you remember how emotionally on edge, even fragile you were in high school? As you can image there are mixed reviews of the scare tactic. There are obvious questions about whether the school crossed a line to make it's point and "teach".

Here is a portion of what the students watched that morning.




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