A Korean War veteran in DeKalb is looking for a ring he lost on June 30th, can we help him find it?

According to the Daily Chronicle, Leon Hodgson has been wearing a ring that a fellow Korean War veteran gave him more than 60 years ago.

The ring went missing June 30 while he was at Big Lots. He is working tirelessly to try to get the ring back.

He says the ring is not worth much monetary value, but holds a very dear place in his heart.

According to the Daily Chronicle:

 Hodgson was given the ring by a fellow Air Force veteran with the last name of Hays who was killed in action during the Korean War gave him the ring in 1953 shortly before he died.

Both were 18 when they served in the 92nd Fighter Bomber Squadron in South Korea. They bonded during their time in the service, becoming close friends, Hodgson said. That’s when Hays gave him the gold ring bearing an “H,” their shared initial.

Hays died about two months later, Hodgson said.

After getting out of the service in 1957, Hodgson gave the ring to his dad, Charles Hodgson, because the memories it evoked meant he couldn’t bear to wear it himself. Charles Hodgson wore the ring from 1957 until he died in 1977.

The ring is a size-12 and is gold. It has a square molded to the top with a barely visible "H" engraved on it.