Daxx Nielsen, the drummer for Cheap Trick, was a special guest on a national television show.

I've spent a lot of my "shelter in place" time watching TV. My favorite channel is AXS TV. The programming is mostly music related. It includes documentaries, live concerts, interview shows, and more. If you're a big Classic Rock fan like me, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Some of my favorite shows they show are...

  • Sammy Hagar's Rock & Roll Road Trip
  • Brian Johnson's A Life on the Road
  • The Big Interview with Dan Rather
  • The Ronnie Wood Show
  • Docs That Rock

Just to name a few and there's plenty more.

Over the weekend, I was watching "The Top Ten Revealed." The show picks a subject and they play the top 10 videos for it. Then they have musicians, actors, comedians, and other famous people comment on them. It's a fun program.

As I was watching the latest episode."Rockin' Rock Titles," a familiar face pops up. It was the one and only Daxx Nielsen from Cheap Trick. That was really cool to see him on there. I know when artists appear on that series, they film several segments. Hopefully, we'll see him appear a bunch of times this new season.

To find out more about that show or other cool programs on AXS TV, HERE.

Video: Celebrating Cheap Trick Day With Daxx Nielsen

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