A bottle of Suave lotion and a pink towel that took on it's own form and "solid" shape was found at the scene of the crime...Putting 55 year old Curtis Hutchings behind bars, for being a complete sicko.

As if that set up wasn't bad enough, here's the what/where/when/why....Now I must add that this sicko story happened back in Oct 2013, the last bizarre Illinois story I did I didn't include a date and some "fake media" scanner dude e-mailed me complaining that the story was old. Must have been a slow day for harassing cops and pretending to be important.

So it was Oct 2013 in Bellviille Township, IL....just  opposite the main entrance to Belleville Township High School East...brace yourself for this one folks.

Curtis Hutchings who is transgender, was sitting in his car (a Chevrolet Monte Carlo) watching the prom couples enter the school and let's just say, "entertaining" himself. Got all that,  still following along? O.K., get ready...Cops approached the car where Curtis was wearing a strapless pink tutu-style dress and high heels. On the floorboard of the passenger seat, a "crusty" pink towel and a bottle of Suave hand lotion...Busted "red" handed, or something. The arresting officer described Mr. Hutching's hands as “greasy and shiny.” O.K., I think we will stop here.

Here are the charges that Curtis was busted for:

Felony public indecency (this whole thing was near a school)

He was free on $5000 bond, and sent of his way in his Chevy Monte Carlo. Ewwwww, dude.


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