With the crazy weather lately in the our are this just adds to the madness.

Daniel Loretto, ThinkStock
Daniel Loretto, ThinkStock

Sunny and warm, sixty mile per hour winds, snow flakes falling this morning, things have been weather crazy lately. Monday night I was driving home at night and thought, oh crap this is tornado weather.

In downtown Rockton the tornado sirens will fire when bad weather hits. When I first moved to Rockton, I was driving home with a pizza one night. In my rear view mirror was, a tornado. As the tornado sirens were going off. I can remember driving through my new neighborhood and one person comes to mind, Kaaryn. My neighbor up the street Kaaryn was waving like crazy, "get home"!

Could you imagine if THIS was what you were hearing as bad weather was approaching? The set up for this video in Chicago is nuts. Fog, the creepy "still air" feeling, and then a broken tornado siren that sounds like something out of a horror movie.



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