At last, the legalization of marijuana for the whole country will be voted on in congress.

I know other states legalized weed before Illinois but I think the Land of Lincoln has shown the rest of the United States that it does really work.

It's about time to take this issue to the federal level and make it legal everywhere. There's no reason not to. It looks like those first steps are finally being taken.

According to,

"For the first time, a bill to legalize marijuana at the federal level will soon go to the floor of the U.S. House for a vote. If it passes the Democratic-controlled House, it faces a challenge in the Republican-controlled Senate. Some CEOs of companies in the industry say the bill has a long road ahead but are optimistic marijuana will become legal at some point."

Here are some of the good things the new pot law could do...

  • Erase past convictions
  • Create opportunities
  • Federal benefits not denied

In a country where political sides are greatly divided and it's either you're with me or against me, attitude rules the country. This something that both parties agree on. Could this mean they might actually work together on something to improve America instead of tearing it apart?

How do the support numbers look?

  • 51% of Republicans
  • 68% of independents
  • 76% of Democrats

Hey Washington, let's make this happen.

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