To these Rockford newlyweds, congratulations.

There are pros and cons of getting up early for a radio morning show. Do not worry, I will not bore you with the long list for both categories. I will just mention one positive. That is getting out of work early when the weather is nice during spring, summer, and fall. It gives you a little extra opportunity to enjoy some outdoor activities while many people are still working.

One of the things I like to do when I get home from work is to take a walk around my neighborhood. It is something I have enjoyed doing for many years. I throw on some headphones, crank up the tunes, and go. It gives me the opportunity to check out my community. During the winter, I miss out on it. On any given day, I usually observe something unusual and interesting.

Since the weather has gotten better, I started my hobby again this week. The last couple of days were beautiful. Today was chilly but I decided to go anyway. I am really glad I did because I saw something fun.

On the corner of Wesleyan and Cornell in the Rolling Green Neighborhood in Rockford, there was a special sign. Someone took a bunch of paper cups in a chainlink fence and spelled out "just married." I thought that was really cool. I remember going to spring training and doing that during a Cubs game, but my friends and I spelled out "Sosa" with beer cups instead.

Since people have not been able to celebrate special days together, I have enjoyed the trend of yard signs and drive-by parades. Whenever I pass by a "happy birthday" sign, I will always honk. I was on foot so I did not have the opportunity to do that. I thought this would be a cool tribute.

I know a few people that have put off their weddings until they can have a big reception. I give this couple credit for not letting it ruin their special day. I saw a camper in the backyard. I was wondering if that is where they will be spending their honeymoon.

I do not know these people but I would still like to congratulate them on their nuptials.

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