In the United States for overweight male dogs, congratulations to Wisconsin for being number one.

When Did Fat Dogs Become A Thing

When I was growing up, my family always had a pet dog. We owned Alaskan Malamutes, so they were already big animals. Of course, they were spoiled so our canines were chunky. I do not remember it ever being an issue. The veterinarian never said anything about it. I just thought it meant that they were well taken care of and happy animals. Apparently, it is not a good thing anymore, especially for their health. I can understand that now.


Wisconsin Resident Stereotype

Now, if you are from Wisconsin please do not get upset with me. I was not the creator of this stereotype of people from Wisconsin. In some circles, it is believed that many residents live on a diet of brats, cheese, and beer which makes them larger than the average American. That certainly can have an impact on their pets.


Wisconsin Dogs Are Rated High In This Category

When it comes to dogs being overweight in the United States, the ones from Wisconsin are ranked very high up on the list.

According to, 

"Wisconsin ranked first for having the most overweight male dogs. According to the survey, our male dogs weigh 20.5 pounds over the average. Wisconsin tied for second for having the chunkiest canines overall."



More Details About Fat Dogs

  • The survey was conducted in 2021.
  • 2,430 dog owners in 42 states were questioned.
  • Each person was asked their dog's breed and weight.
  • Pennsylvania was ranked number one overall.
  • Chihuahuas are the chunkiest.
  • For more info, HERE.

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