The Clock Tower Resort has the chance to become a casino.

According to,

"A Group of Investors that includes the CEO of Ringland-Johnson Construction is in talks to potentially buy the iconic Clock Tower Resort and Conference Center, which would be razed and replaced with a casino and hotel if state lawmakers approve a gaming expansion."

Finally, something might actually happen with the Clock Tower Resort.

It's so sad what it has happened to that iconic Rockford location.

It's in such bad shape, they need to tear it down and build something new.

What a great location, it's right off of I-90. The exit ramp dumps right into the resort. That is so rare.

Think about how many people would stop at a brand new casino right off the highway.

I've seen how much a casino has helped in Aurora, Elgin, Peoria, and Joliet. It's Rockford's time. This could really help the continuing transformation of our city.

It would take an area that is an embarrassment to our town and make it something special.

Besides the casino, there could be great shops and excellent restaurants. Think about the entertainment. Many casinos have state of the art theaters where they bring in top name national acts.

Maybe they can bring back the Rick's Place idea. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a location to put all of Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick's memorabilia. Remember Rick's Picks at the Burpee Museum.

Too bad the water park is trashed, because that would be a cool attention too.

Could you imagine the money it would generate for our community.

This is a win win for Rockford.

Let's hope the gambling expansion is passed and this investment group comes through.

Good luck on that Ace!

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